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Finding out the best shower head 2019 could be a tricky task as the definition of the best may vary for everyone who needs a perfect shower head in their bathroom. Some people may need a shower with rain effect, some may need a hard water compliant shower head some may have a need to get a shower head for low water pressure and other may be looking for a high-pressure shower head. No matter what the needs are, you must be making the final selection very carefully because this is an important step and you should be aware of the features, construction and the special aspects that you need to look for in order to decide on the best possible shower head.

To make sure you don’t have to search a lot and waste a lot of time, we have put all our efforts to find 5 of the best shower head 2019 having special features to serve the specific purpose.

​Top ​rated best shower head 2019

If you are looking for a rain shower experience, Moen shower head is designed to make your day. It complements different styles due to its reflective chrome finish.

But its major positive feature is the immersion technology which provides powerful shower spray. Its spray is 3 times more powerful than most other types of shower sprays.

It also comes with a modifiable water flow you can adjust to your liking. You can adjust the water flow into concentrated rinse modes or full spray modes, depending on your preference.

The 8-inch diameter of the shower head increases its water spray capacity. It provides exceptional water coverage because of the large diameter. With its self-pressurizing technology, you will enjoy continuous water flow intensity throughout your stay in the shower. 

This Shower head is certainly up there as one of the best shower heads 2019 in the market right now.

The shower head features Mirror-like polish and chrome finish for durability and Comes with 2 different water-flow modes. With the limited lifetime warranty, the product is backed by the manufacturer for its parts and durability. The Immersion technology improves water flow and its 8” shower head provides good expansion coverage for better raining effect.

Culligan is a household name in the shower head industry. The brand is renowned for manufacturing some of the best shower heads 2019 in the market. And the Culligan WSH shower head is certainly a properly designed unit.

The unique design of the shower head keeps it exceptionally clean and minimizes the growth of bacteria. There may be a buildup of bacteria in your water source. To make sure you are bathing with healthy water, this shower head has a patented filter that filters dirt and bacteria away. The filter cartridge does not only prevent bacteria. It also removes scale, chlorine, and odor to keep your water 100% safe.

Installing this shower head is very easy. In fact, you don’t need any technician to fix this for you. In addition, this shower head helps you minimize water usage. It meets the 2.0 GPM EPA WaterSense certification requirements.  

Another interesting feature of the Culligan shower head is the plethora of options for spray modes. It has an impressive 5 spray modes to give you better convenience.

Overall, Culligan shower head is a top quality product that will always give you spa-like experience. It surely comes with 5 different spray options supported by the unique filtration mechanism that minimizes the growth and passage of bacteria and it is certified by both NSF and EPA for safety and water conservation.

YOO.MEE is another top quality shower head that is certainly worth every penny you invest in it. This shower head is specifically designed to help you relax better in the shower.

It comes with silicon rubber nozzles for the prevention of mineral buildup. The mount and shower head are designed with strong ABS plastic with strong heat resistance. In addition, the connection fittings are made with solid brass and stainless steel. This prevents any form of crack and preserves the shower head for a very long time.

YOOMEE has a powerful spray mechanism as it improves the spray capacity of low pressured water. It is also very easy to install.

This shower head comes with other features such as water flow regulator, adjustable bracket, stainless steel hose, additional hose gasket, and Teflon tape. The company also offers 1-year warranty for the shower head.

YOOMEE is reliable, simple, and gives you the perfect spa treatment you carve for after a hard day’s work.

If you are looking for the ideal shower head that provides controlled water pressure for shower, they don’t come better than this unit as it features powerful water spray, durable connection fittings maintain water conservation principles and prevent bacteria build-up for a hygienic water flow whenever you need.

ShowerMaxx is a true definition of quality. It provides exceptional spa-like experience and makes you feel more relaxed after a shower.

This handheld shower is one of the easiest to use. You can move it to any direction you want, as it offers showering convenience. Also, the shower head comes with 6 different spray settings for your convenience. If you want a light shower, heavy shower, or sprinkle shower patterns, the right setting is just a button away.

The power message settings will help you relieve muscle tension. Other settings are included to provide the right showering option based on your mood.

The design is to provide complete relaxation under the shower. ShowerMaxx also comes with a stainless steel hose to prevent corrosion. There is a setup guide included in the box to help you easily setup the shower head with no issues.  Overall, this shower head makes sure you enjoy every bit of your stay in the shower.

The shower features a durable stainless steel hos and allows different spray settings with steady and pressurized water flow with the help of the fitted mesh and removable flow restrictor so that you get perfect water spray while enjoying the bathing with this handheld shower.

Speakman may not have been in the industry for a long time, but the brand has delivered superior performance. The Speakman high pressured shower head provides showering convenience for your ultimate relaxation.

It uses Anystream 360 degree technology to deliver all-around high water pressure. With this feature, you can have full control of the water pressure. You will be able to place the right settings based on your mood.

Even if your water pipe has low water pressure, you will get high pressure with this shower head. This is because of the patented plungers that provide expanded flow of water through the nozzle. You have different spray setting, including massage, full intense, or a combination of both.

Speakman shower head is designed for longevity as it is made with the durable plastic material. With polished chrome coating that is resistant to corrosion, you won’t have any issues regarding maintenance. 

Moreover, installing this shower head is a breeze. It doesn’t require any professional expertise to set up this impressive shower head. On the whole, its superior spray performance helps you stay in complete relaxation mood during shower. The Patented Anystream technology assures spa-like experience and the durable plastic construction and rust-resistant polished chrome design along with self-cleaning plungers make it easier to maintain and perform well in the future.

Buying guide for the best shower head

Buying the best shower head 2019 means you need to focus on the features that most of the shower head offers and also match the features with your bathing needs in order to get the best feel and experience as per your requirements.

To make sure you will get the best quality, perfect features, design, and functions, you should not be making a decision in a hurry until and unless you are sure about the product and it's performance features that have been shortlisted with careful examination and comparison.

To help you out and guide you so that you can select the best shower head 2019 for your use, here are a few things that might make a difference when you are in the process of getting the best shower head to be installed in your bathroom.

Make sure to compare the top brands and the products

The first step in order to find the best products is the shortlisting of top brands offering the shower head that have proven performance and lasting features as confirmed by the numerous users. Mostly the top products and brands that people trust so far include the names like Moan, Shower Maxx, Speakman, Yoo. Me and Culligan. These brands have a range of shower heads which have been designed to match the needs of the users with specialized features and functions.

It is always better to read through the customer’s experiences with the brand and their products to get an idea about the quality level and the special features that are needed for specific purposes.

Analyze the materials used

 Another important thing that you may check is the overall materials that are used in the making of the shower head. There are multiple kinds of materials that are used in the making of various shower heads. In most cases, handheld shower heads are made to match the durability standards but these are also made lightweight so that the user may not feel it heavy and can hold the shower head while bathing without getting fatigued.

In such cases, ABS is used to provide durability and performance in a lightweight structure. Whereas when it comes to the mounted shower head, this can be made up of stainless steel with solid rust-resistant construction or there are shower heads with chrome metal finish depending upon what kind of finish you are looking for.

The size and spread of the shower

The shower heads could be found as 3 inches, 4, 5 6, 7 or sometimes 8 inches face of the shower or may be larger. This depends on how the user needs the shower head to be and the overall water spread and body coverage that is required during the bath. Most probably wider shower head provides rain like effect whereas smaller sized shower heads assure higher pressure in the water spray.

Water filtration system and hygiene

For the sake of treating hard water, germ-borne disease that is abundant in water, shower heads can be found along with filtration system to offer clean and hygienically efficient water flow for improved health with improved quality of water. So it is better to look if the shower head comes with the filtration system that is proven to offer quality water by removing all hazardous compounds.

Water pressure and flow improvement

Sometimes the shower heads may come up with a design that assures improved water pressure by increasing its speed without having much water flow in the shower head. These kinds of shower heads are good where the water flow is lower than average.

Water conservation and performance

Most of the high-quality shower head assure lower water consumption and better pressure with the improved inner design. This assures water saving action and some of the shower heads may also come with certain features like auto off and lowering the water flow to conserve water when the shower is not in use after a while.

Gallons per minute

Look for the water pressure and the water flow in terms of gallons per minute. The more the GPM value is the higher will be the pressure, more spread in the spray and higher consumption of the water could be expected. A medium range of around 2-2.5 GPM is considered as a good option for a good shower experience

Maintenance, rust resistance, and cleaning

The shower heads with Rubber nozzles and smooth finishing offer easier cleaning without clogging and rusting issues. It is better to look for a rust free metal design or chromed construction for lasting performance or you may go for the ABS materials assuring durability and rusts resistant performance for years to come.

Controls and settings

Variable water pressure and spray settings allow better showering experience. Most shower heads may allow certain options like a rain shower, high pressure, stream-like shower spray, etc. switching to the various mods for the customized shower is also good if you need features like this.

Easier function controls are preferable as most of the high-quality shower head allow easy twisting mode settings or can be switched between various functions with the help of a latch or lever on the side of the shower head.

Easy and quick installation

Last but not the least, easy and quick installation is also preferable if you are looking for a hassles free installation of the shower head.

Concluding our review here, we have listed the best shower head 2019 in all of the categories including low-pressure shower head, high-pressure shower head, rainfall shower head, shower head with filter and handheld shower head so that everyone finds a perfect match with all the details needed to finalize the decision easily. It is recommended to focus on the quality and suitability of the shower head features to get the best performance overall.

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